The Vale of Itchen Lodge 7816


in the Masonic Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight


Warranted by the United Grand Lodge of England


Meeting at: - The Masonic Centre, 2 Cranbury Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 5HA, U.K.

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Freemasonry in Hampshire and Isle of Wight


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The Vale of Itchen Lodge, in Eastleigh, was formed in 1962 by a group of Senior Railway workers to provide the benefit of Masonic opportunity to, then more than 3000, local employees from the Railway Works in the Town. The Railway Works in Eastleigh had commenced operations around the year 1900 with the Carriage and Wagon building operations that were transferred from Nine Elms in London, to Eastleigh; later Steam Engines were built in the town too. The founders of the Lodge were from many parts of the South who regularly met at a house in Allbrook, the Northern part of Eastleigh, that house over-looked the River Itchen on its way down from the South Downs of Winchester to the Solent, as well as meandering through the surrounding wetlands of the Itchen Valley, at the end of which stood the Railway Works. With this brief explanation it does not take great imagination to understand how the Lodge came by its name! Reluctantly because of the encroaching demise of the Railway Works and reducing number of employee's the Lodge opened its doors to men from “all trades and passtimes” in 1988. Although the Railway Works completely closed at the turn of the Millennium, the site is now owned by a property development company and a section has recommenced operations providing carriage maintenance jobs for some 500 people; there are still a number of active members in the Lodge today who were originally Railway Workers, these are complimented by men from many Trades & Professions.




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